The most stationary of all stationery items, scissors hate to be hurried. I learned this as a child. You did too, probably. Don't run with scissors. A clear and simple instruction. Pencils, glue, staples... no problem. For them, like us, it's a finite existence. Time is short so don't dilly dally. But don't run with scissors.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

is there a glitch..?

The right hand panel of this blog keeps disappearing - the search field, the "about me" bit, the archive, etc.

It *should* be there.

But it isn't.

Apologies.  I'm sure, if you've noticed, it hasn't really bothered you.

I'll try and figure out what has gone wrong when I have a bit of time to focus on it.

Footnote: There was a glitch. It seems ok now.

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